Art by River
Introducing  the  artist . . .
River (Damian Oliver)  born in Trinidad the youngest of four children and the son of a steel pannist. As a child he had a natural liking to art, this natural talent led River to win his first art competition at the age of 9 while he was attending Mon Repos Primary School in Trinidad. Throughout the years he continued to draw for enjoyment, but never decided to make it his passion until later but instead he became involved in sports such as BMX racing, football, and basketball.

Before migrating to Canada in 1996 he landed his lead role in a community theater production. A couple of years after migrating to Canada he became more involved in the theater, film and music having some movie credits and concert performances to add to his portfolio. These opportunities led him to migrate to the US where he performed in a number of shows in and around the Atlanta area.

When he returned to Canada he decided to focus more on his childhood gift of painting. River works predominantly in the medium of oils on large canvases, wanting to leave an impression with texture and visuals. His style of painting is unique since he paints a variety of subjects that relate to people from all walks of life. It has been said that some of his paintings have influences of existentialism expressed throughout his work. He tackles various topics and dares to be different in his pieces even if it invokes controversy to challenge universally held beliefs.